Wichita Heights
Class of 1972
Here we are in 2012.
Here we are in 2012.
Heights Class of '72 Reunion

45th Year Reunion
Summer 0f 2017
Date: July 14-15, 2017
It's Here!

If you have contact information 
for missing classmates, 
or learn of a deceased classmate 
(see list below), please go to 
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The Reunion Committee     

  Peggy "Checklist" (Dean) Savaiano
 "Spreadsheet" Tony Savaiano
"Super Organizer" Brooke (Thornton) Seager
John "Thanks For The Memories" Heckmann
Rhonda "Keeping in Touch" (Hodges) Braudis
Mark "At The Ready" Ricker
Shelley "Gettin It Done" Allphin
Warren "Hole In One" Rensner

"Cyber Space'n" Lyn (Calvin) Stoecker  


Committee member reflections…
We have thought about our mixture of personalities on the committee, our life successes, struggles, our interactions with each other.  We’ve also felt this reverent respect for all those who have died…amazing how a collection of people whom many of us mostly didn't know could make us feel a sense of earthly loss… there was momentary quiet at meetings when news of another death was shared.
It all makes us realize how ridiculous it is to feel that existence in a high school class doesn't matter, because it truly does matter!  If others knew how those deaths impacted us, perhaps there would be more desire to reconnect… KMT


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