Share your contact information and what you've been up to the past 45 years.  If you have a photo of yourself, you can post it here. Your contact information will not be posted directly on the internet, but classmates can contact you through this site. Take a look and see who's here!

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Anthony Bargas
June 08, 1954 Retired Printer Married 4
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Cathy Davis (Bolt)
April 10, 1954 Social Work/Adult Therapist Married 2
Wow, 40 years! Am I really that old?? After high school I got married, moved to Spain and lived there about 11/2 years. Moved back to Wichita and have stayed put even though I would much rather be in New Mexico! I have two sons, Matthew age 32 and Aaron, age 27. Matt is married and Aaron will be in May 2013. They are both wonderful children!

At age 42 I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and earned my BS in Psychology. Worked with individual with severe and persistant mental illness for a while and then decided that I needed a master's degree. I earned my master's degree and license in Social Work in 2007. After working in child welfare for 3 years my dream job finally opened up for me. I am currently providing individual and group therapy for survivors of sexual assault (WASAC). I finally feel that I am making a difference in this crazy mixed up world!

And finally, my current husband is truely my soul mate. Doug is also a social worker, working as a child therapist. Hope to see you all in October!
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Rhonda Hodges (Braudis)
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Air Force Reserves Married
I look forward to getting reacquainted with old friends. Here's the condensed version of what I've been doing: My husband Russ and I live in Azle Texas, near Fort Worth, with our two dogs (our kids!). I'm a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, my current assignment is Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB IL, where I'm the reserve counterpart to the Director of Intelligence. Because of the war, I spend more time on active duty than a traditional reservist. Russ and I are both very active in our community. Russ is serving his second term as a City Councilman, and is running for Mayor...he's nuts! Our passion is saving animals by supporting our local Azle Animal Shelter. We are co-founder's of the Azle Animal Shelter Humane Association, a non-profit organization, which provides volunteers to help with spay & neuter clinics, adoption days, and fundraising efforts to build a much needed new and larger shelter. Recently we were honored and humbled when the Texas Animal Control Association selected us as Outstanding Volunteers for 2006, and the shelter we support as Shelter of the Year for the state of Texas. Thank you to the Reunion Committee for their time, effort, and hard work to plan another Heights Reunion for us all to enjoy. See you in September! Warmest Regards, Rhonda Hodges-Braudis Send Rhonda a MessageSend Rhonda a Message
Christopher Shane Brazil
Sgt. SG Co Sheriff Office Married 1
Graduate Heights 1972 Allen Co. Community College/WSU Grad Lt. U.S. Army Infantry stationed at Ft Benning Ga. & Ft. Ord, Ca. Wichita P.D. 1979-1980 Spring Hill P.D. 1981 Udersheriff Wichita Co. Sheriff 81-84 Sedgwick Co. Sheriff 1985-present Sheduled retirement March 06 relocating to Dubois, Wyoming and beginning employment as Sgt. for the Fremont County Sheriff's Office Have been building a log home in Dubois for past 3 years in preperation for retirement Married 24 years with 20 year old daughter who is due to marry a Marine currently stationed in Iraq Sept. 2007. I don't provide my home address or phone number for security reasons, but feel free to e-mail me at the work address provided. Send Christopher Shane a MessageSend Christopher Shane a Message
Jeffrey Brookhouser
Management Married 3
I won't likely be able to attend our reunion since starting a new gig.  So I thought I would let you know what I was up to, read it with a beer in hand and pretend like I am there. 

My wife (Lucy), I and my little guy (Jordan) live just north of Canada's largest city - Toronto -  a suitable  alternative to New York which is where I spent most of my management career with the largest luxury retailer in the world.  After having survived the first few years, I spent the last 10 trying to get out of the big apple (contrary to popular belief, clicking your heels only scuffs your shoes unless your name is Dorthy). 

For the past 12 years, I have made a living managing Canadian subsidiary companies on behalf of their U.S parent - Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robbins and Budget Rent a Car among them.  My new gig is with a smaller start-up company called Premiere Executive Suites. 

Both of my older sons are back in the middle west and in the retail business.  Brad's in Wichita and Chris is in Indianapolis managing a Target store.

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John J. Brosius
Kitchen Designer & Remodeler, bachelor Widowed 1
Hi fellow falcons.  Yes I plan to attend this event.  Seeing as my son is graduating from HS this spring and planning to attend college in KS this fall, it seems I will be returning there a bit more often.  Having buried both my parents & wife of 16 years in Derby a few years back, I cant say I enjoy returning to the city of "do-da".  Perhaps this visit will be more pleasant experience....   lets hope so...  :0)   anyways, I stayed @ the Keen Kutter Hotel last january and its a beautiful hotel.  Hope to see ya!  Send John J. a MessageSend John J. a Message
Mary Ann Loop (Bullard)
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freelance writer Married 3
Quite a life since being a wallflower during my high school and college years. Managed to open and bloom into a freelance writer, model, magician's assistant, Japanese Obon dancer, karate student, Avon Lady and mom to a daughter and two sons now 18, 26, and 29. Lived in Corpus Christi and worked for the Houston Chronicle five years. Met and married a professional photo journalist in a hot air balloon. Enjoyed life adventures from Bora Bora to Osaka, Japan. Happily residing in the great Pacific Northwest on a rural mountain. Looking forward to the story each day presents! {no, I'm not making this up! ha ha} Send Mary Ann a MessageSend Mary Ann a Message
Barry Calamaio
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June 04, 1954 Franchise Consultant- H&R Block Married 2
I have been married to Caprice for 37 years. Caprice and I have two daughters Josie 35 and Carie 31.  We now have five grandchildren. Joey 11, Nolan 7, Mollie 5, Cortland 2, and Greyson 6 months.  Caprice and I are very blessed to have all of them living near us in the Kansas City area. It is great living back in Kansas after being gone for so many years.  Most of our time now is spent at grandchildren sports events and baby sitting. It keeps us young (if that is possible). Send Barry a MessageSend Barry a Message
Albert Cooley
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Profile picture
November 04, 1954 Hahnemannian homeopath Divorced

REUNION HELLO (July 31st 2017)

It’s astonishing that looking at your reunion photo from 2012 (yours, not mine, because I’ve never been to one) caused my eyes to water with real love for all of you even though I didn’t really know many people very well in high school despite my having walked in many circles of friends. That reticence and aloofness (not at all me) was due to a near-death experience (NDE) in my early junior year at Heights. Albert has some really big secrets, huh?

It’s now several days since that tearing up occurred (it doesn’t happen very often to me any more and is, in fact, measured in years between them), and I’ve reflected on why it happened. I don’t think this is rocket science, either. It has simply never occurred to me before . . . not that I can recall and certainly not so clearly, easily and fully if it had.

We begin to unlock the secrets of maturity in high school after beginning it in junior high (now middle school), and it comes in many forms: physical maturity, emotional maturity, intellectual maturity, sexual maturity, political maturity, financial maturity and probably many others. It takes a long time for these things to develop in us and fundamentally never really ends but definitely begins in high school due to the extreme freedoms we suddenly gain with mister automobile.  I mostly only share this major life experience with you people and therefore rather seriously love you all.  

I hope it moves the babes that I mostly only remember the pretty girls of high school. Nobody at Heights knew this, but I’d learned in junior high at Coleman (Babe Land!) to avoid taking on girlfriends in the same school if I wanted to keep my friends. When I got a car and license in my junior year at Heights, that became possible. Me and my best friend, Brad Peter, would thus regularly (1) take off for other high schools during lunch to look for pretty girls to kiss and would (2) go to the away games of football but walk in on the home-team side to flirt with the cheerleaders = drool! I now think I probably should have kissed a bunch of pretty girls at Heights. Go figure when and why guys cease being dumb, huh?

I don’t remember anybody ever talking about it, but the Vietnam War weighed heavily on my thoughts throughout high school. I literally didn’t think I had a future, but only my girlfriends at other high schools knew this. Becoming politically aware is one of the difficult things we just begin in high school, so I wasn’t really ready for being number 37 in the military Draft Lottery in late 1972 (born on Nov. 4th 1954). I was thus headed for Canada but nonetheless sweated it out because noise was constantly being heard about them ending the Draft. I skated on Vietnam and leaving my family, friends and country behind by something like 93 days because they ended it on January 27th 1973. I finally started breathing again because I was truly scared.

So, Albert became a Hahnemannian homeopathic physician (that means the real thing . . . literally, “in or after the manner of Hahnemann” . . . of which there have been less than 100 of us in the 227 years of homeopathy) at age 36 in 1991, 12 years after discovering it in late 1978. Unfortunately, despite having cured both diseases in others, I haven’t been able to find my own remedy in the 3½ years that I’ve had two deadly chronic diseases with a 3-5-year life expectancy. That could still change, but it doesn’t look like I will see any of you at the 50th Reunion. Such is life, huh? Fortunately, I learned in my NDE that we don’t really die; only our physical bodies do. This doesn’t look like it will change, though, so I look forward to again seeing all of you beautiful and brilliant people.

The rest is a long story. I love you all!   


I wanted three photo postings.  Ufffffff!  I therefore posted the one of me from 1991 at age 36 and another at present and put the one of me from the '71 yearbook as the unseen header here that apparently only I see.  

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Kelly Chambers (Cooper)
Circuit Engineer Single Again 2
I had great times with wonderful friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Kelly a MessageSend Kelly a Message
Patti Berry (Cooper)
Customer Service Rep Married
First I want to say I am Patti A it was fun having to always use my middle initial since there was two of us.  I moved my senior year to Cheney and I am so happy you have still included me as a classmate.  Would love to hear from some of you.  I have been married to my 2nd hubby Rick for 22 years.  He came with 3 kids who made me a grandma at 36 and a great grandma last year.  I am raising my 17 year old grandson and he is my pride and joy.  

I went through a rough 4 years from 2000 to 2004 losing my little brother Brian and then my mom and dad with in a year of each other so just myself and my brother Mike left now.   

For those of you that grew up with me at Amelia Earhart Grade school and PV Jr High you know how close my mom and I were so it has been very hard on me.  Many of you baked cookies with her.  

I have for the past 16 years worked in a large call center answering 800 numbers for many fortune 500 companies, including Kellogg's and M&M's.  I am currently working for the Clorox company answering their Kingsford, Armor All, STP, Glad and Brita lines.  

I am still a diehard sports fan and NASCAR is my favorite.  I was recently in the 20th Anniversary book for Texaco all about their involvement in the sport.  I was one of 10 fans picked for the book so that is my claim to fame.   I have met many of the drivers over the years and been to many races including Dale Earnhardt's last win at Talladega.  

I would love to hear from some of you and hope some of you will write.   Wish I could come to the reunion but it is very hard for me to come back to Kansas at this time.  I am a diehard KU fan which gets me in trouble in Illinois.   Hugs to you all.   

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David Corbin
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July 23, 1954 Retired Married 2
Update June 2, 2017 - A family wedding in another state will prevent my attendance at the Heights 45th reunion.  Too bad, as I was looking forward to it.

I left Heights in December 1970 when my family left Wichita and moved to Kansas City.  Though I didn't actually graduate from Heights, I still have many great memories of the school, friends and classmates, many of whom I also knew from my days at Brooks Junior High.  I went to college in Kansas City (UMKC), majored in biology, and soon after headed off to sunny southern California for graduate school where I studied molecular genetics.  I spent 13 years studying, working and living on the west coast - California, Washington, and Oregon.  I got married, and in 1990 we moved back to the midwest where I worked for 25 years as a research scientist in agricultural biotechnology.  Though we live in St. Louis, I plan on traveling to Wichita to attend the 45th reunion of the Class of 1972 in hopes of seeing some old friends and acquantainances - to reconnect and remember.
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Curtis Cowel
March 20, 1954 Train Dispatcher Married 2
I started working for Santa Fe Railroad in June of 72 and was promoted to train dispatcher in 81.  Married Sally in 75, we have two daughters and four granddaughters.  I was transfered from Wichita to Albuquerque in 91, then to Chicago in 93, and on to Ft. Worth in 97, all with Santa Fe, then went to work for Union Pacific in Omaha in 98, and moved to Greene Iowa in 08 with Iowa Northern Railroad.  Hope to see everyone at the next reunion.    Send Curtis a MessageSend Curtis a Message
Becky Crane (Crane-Okada)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Advanced Practice Oncology RN Married
The early picture is from my first day of kindergarden heading off to PV Elementary. Many fond memories of Wichita. A lot of road travelled literally and figuratively since those early shy beginnings. PhD and MN from UCLA; BSN from TCU. Now living in California 38 years. Oncology nurse 41 years!  I am blessed to be able to offer traditional care coupled with spiritual and complementary approaches; educate and support surgical oncology fellows and oncology nurses; and conduct my own research in the same areas. Enjoying travel, photography, and stillness in the outdoors. Hoping to attend the reunion this year. Fun reading this web site! Thanks to the reunion committee! Send Becky a MessageSend Becky a Message
Peggy Dean (Dean Savaiano)
Contracts/Marketing Married 3
Tony and I are fulfilling my prophecy: He finally let me come to work for him at his thriving janitorial supply business! We moved to a new home after the kids left for College, much to their dismay. We are traveling to exotic places together and look forward to this Reunion to renew old friendships we've been abusing. Send Peggy a MessageSend Peggy a Message
Marla Carriker (Denton)
small business owner Married 1
After marrying John Denton in '74 we moved to Greensboro NC where I finished my degree and became a registered dietitian. Decided it was time to make a move 15 years later so we hopped in the Previa and moved our 8 year old son and black lab cross country in late December to Davis CA. We took over a small franchised business called Fleet Feet Sports and we've been making a good living ever since selling running/walking and fitness shoes and apparel. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Where's the best place to do a Pilates mat class in Wichita?? Send Marla a MessageSend Marla a Message
Pat Dreese
Food Scientist Married 2
I got my BS, MS and PhD degrees all from Kansas State. I work in research for General Mills. My wife, Lynn, is a community college teacher. We live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. Our son is a senior in highschool and our daughter a sophomore. I ride a recumbent bicycle and often commute to work by bike. Send Pat a MessageSend Pat a Message
Stephanie Duff
July 07, 1954 server Single 1
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Marilyn McHenry (Francis)
Secretary, now they call it Administrative Assistant Married 5
Still in Wichita.  Married 38 years with 5 children, 34, 30, 28, 25, 24.  No grandchildren, just grand puppies and they are so cute.  So sad to read some good friends are no longer with us. 
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Terry Fry
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Energy economist Married 1
With a 13-year daughter (Ying) and my wife (Amy) back in grad school, life's really busy -- and good! We're all healthy and happy, living in SF and enjoying every day. Over the past 15 years, I've had a tremendously interesting time working on climate changes programs all over the world and am enjoying the chance to stay a little closer to home these days. That said, I'd like to be back in Wichita this September to renew old friendships. Send Terry a MessageSend Terry a Message
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