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Dave Brewer died
I don't see Dave Brewer mentioned on either list, but I'm pretty sure he died in the mid-1980s because he was undergoing kidney dialysis. He made me laugh. It is sad.
Last Post: Jun 30th 2017
Author: AlbertHahnemannian
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Gail and Gay Collins
As of Jan. 2007 Gail was married to Clyde Armitage and they lived in Derby, Ks. Gay was married to David Self and they lived in Winona, Mo.
Last Post: May 24th 2007
Author: Ozzie
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Jody Casebolt Northrop
I work with Keith Casebolt, Jody's brother. Jody is in Springfield, MO.
240 E Norton Apt. 10
Springfield, MO 65803
Renee Wentworth Tjaden
Last Post: Mar 5th 2007
Author: brt7113
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Leave your info on missing classmates here.
Heights Class of ’72 MIA’s 1/22/07

Nancy Alexander
James Allan
Richard Allee
Elaine Allen
Brad Arbogast
Ronald Austin
Last Post: Mar 4th 2007
Author: brookeseager
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Death of a classmate & friend
Our classmate Steve Otis died a few years ago right there in Wichita. I worked summers in HS @ Steve's fathers business, Jenkins Music Store downtown. We delivered pianos & organs together. Steve...
Last Post: Mar 4th 2007
Author: Florida_falcon
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